Hunting in the Sticks (HITS) regrets the activities engaged in by two of its team members. HITS wishes to assure everyone that the decisions made, and actions taken, by these two members do not reflect the position, belief or concurrence of our sponsors, endorsers or any other HITS team members. Neither HITS, nor its sponsors and endorsers, would knowingly allow violation of the law or accepted practice during creation of any video. HITS remains committed to following the laws, rules and regulations that govern outdoor sporting activities.

HITS appreciates the thoughtful support it has received regarding this incident and acknowledges the outrage expressed by some. In order to properly appraise HITS position, for the next few weeks HITS will be pausing its operations. We want to carefully consider the needs of everyone involved in the production of the show, as well as the wishes of the public, in order to determine how HITS will move forward.